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Wide Width Wedding Shoes

Women's Wedding Shoes.

The shoe makers heard you: You have wide feet and want to be more comfortable in your shoes! While there is more of a variety now verses only a few years ago, by far the the biggest selection is online. In this section, I have hand-chosen styles available in wider widths, from retailers who carry the extended styles.


Wide Silver Shoes

We've searched our merchants' inventories looking for silver dress shoes available in wide- or D-widths and put them here for your shopping convenience.

Wide Width Ivory Wedding Shoes

Ivory shoes are scarce as it is; add a wide foot to the mix and it gets even harder. Here, to save you time, we've put styles from all of our shoe sellers in one place. 

Wide Width White Shoes

White is one of the most popular color for wedding shoes. Here are here are both dyeable and non-dyeable styles available in white. 

Wide Silver Flats

You need wide width dress flats, and they must be silver? This is where to look.

Black Wide Width Dress Shoes

If you have a wide foot, you will find a better variety shopping online. Take a look at these from our partners.




Note: Prices are those currently reported to us by each merchant. Unless otherwise noted, receives a commission from any resulting sales.

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