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Wedding Shoe Styles

Wedding Shoe Styles

As everyday shoe fashion becomes broader, so do your wedding shoe choices. Not too long ago, your choices were limited to traditional styles. Not so today. Modern constructions include both platforms and wedges of all heights. Your choices of embellishments have also expanded to include more rhinestones, flowers, bows, and others. Browse below and enjoy!


Romantic Wedding Shoes

Do you love lace, bows, and flowers? Then you will love these adorned shoes.

Wedding Flats

Nothing ruins a wedding day like aching feet. Fortunately, we have a wide variety of comfortable, flat shoes available. 

Dress Wedges

Wedges are not only stylish, they can also balance an outfit that needs more substance at the feet. Shop here for your favorite.

Strappy Sandals

Flat and low-heeled sandals are perfect for an outdoors or warm weather wedding. Shop a selection here.

Wedding Flip Flops

Find several personalized flip flop styles, for a beach wedding, as gifts, or for dancing.

Rhinestone and Sequin Shoes

If you are looking for sparkly shoes to add flash to your bridal or bridesmaid's ensemble, these shoes are for you.

Wedding Tennis Shoes

Some brides are considering the ultimate in comfort: wedding tennis shoes for the outdoors and dancing, because they can be more comfortable than flip-flops or sandals for dancing. 

Platform Heels

Platforms are not only stylish, they also add height to the bride or bridesmaids who want to stand from 1/2" to 4" taller. Find a broad selection here.

Ballet and Other Closed-Toe Wedding Shoes

Ballerina and other cloed-toe shoe styles are a must for the reception or outside wear. Your feet will thank you!




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