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All pieces of the wedding-day ensemble are important, but any fashion diva knows the shoes make the outfit. Choosing wedding shoes is more exciting now than at any other time in history. You are no longer limited to white or ivory for the bride and died-to-match for the bridesmaids. Explore the different colors, textures, and designs in this section until you find the one that screams "take me!" the loudest. Enjoy!

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Shoes By Color
Black Black
Black and White Black and White
Blue Blue
Clear Clear
Ivory Ivory
Ivory Flats Ivory Flats
Pink Pink
Purple Purple
Red Red
  Red Flats Red Flats
Silver Silver
  Silver Flats Silver Flats
White White
  White Flats White Flats

Shoes By Style
Ballet Ballet
Dyeables Dyeables
Bridal Flats Flats
Rhinestone and Crystal Shoes Glitter, Crystals and Sequins
High Heels High Heels
Lacey Romantic Shoes Lace, Bows and Flowers
Platform Heels Platforms
Strappy Sandals Strappy Sandals
Wedding Flip Flops Wedding Flip Flops
Wedding Tennis Shoes Wedding Tennis Shoes
Wedge Heels Wedges

Wide Width Shoes
Wide Width Black Black
Wide Width Ivory and Cream Ivory
Wide Width Silver Silver Heels
  Wide Width Silver Flats Silver Flats
Wide Width White White

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Women's Shoes Sitemap

 White wedding shoes.

White Wedding Shoes

White is the traditional color for wedding shoes. Consequently, there are literally hundreds of styles. Many are here, plus I tell you how to find even more.

 Shoes with romantic bows, flowers, or lace.

Romantic Wedding Shoes

Do you love lace, bows, and flowers? Then you will love these adorned shoes.

 Ivory wedding shoes.

Ivory Shoes

Off-white, cream, and ivory colors are a nice alternative to white for the wedding. Shop an extensive selection here. 

 Silver dress shoes.

Silver Dress Shoes

One of the great things about silver shoes is they are considered a neutral in today's fashion world. 

 Wedding flats.

Wedding Flats

Nothing ruins a wedding day like aching feet. Fortunately, we have a wide variety of comfortable, flat shoes available. 

Wedge dress heels.

Dress Wedges

Wedges are not only stylish, they can also balance an outfit that needs more substance at the feet. Shop here for your favorite.

 Ivory flats.

Low- and No- Heel Ivory Shoes

Shop here if you are looking for an off-white or cream shoes to wear as comfortable wedding flats.

 Wedding tennis shoes.

Wedding Tennis Shoes

Some brides are considering the ultimate in comfort: wedding tennis shoes for the outdoors and dancing, because they can be more comfortable than flip-flops or sandals for dancing. 

 Ballet style wedding shoes.

Ballet and Other Closed-Toe Wedding Shoes

Ballerina and other cloed-toe shoe styles are a must for the reception or outside wear. Your feet will thank you!

 White wedding shoes.

She Sales

Here's where you can find the most popular and most-discounted wedding and dress shoes.

High heel shoes.

High Heel Wedding Shoes

One of the best ways to make both your feet and legs look drop-dead gorgeous on your wedding day is to wear high heels. Shop a selection of 3"-6" heels here.

Wide width ivory shoes.

Wide Width Ivory Wedding Shoes

Ivory shoes are scarce as it is; add a wide foot to the mix and it gets even harder. Here, to save you time, we've put styles from all of our shoe sellers in one place. 

Wide width white shoes.

Wide Width White Shoes

White is one of the most popular color for wedding shoes. Here are here are both dyeable and non-dyeable styles available in white. 

 Wide width ballerina style shoes in silver.

Wide Silver Flats

You need wide width dress flats, and they must be silver? This is where to look.

 Wide width silver wedding shoes.

Wide Silver Shoes

We've searched our merchants' inventories looking for silver dress shoes available in wide- or D-widths and put them here for your shopping convenience.

 Dressy flat sandals.

Strappy Sandals

Flat and low-heeled sandals are perfect for an outdoors or warm weather wedding. Shop a selection here.

 White flats.

White Flats

Find a variety of comfortable flats in white here, including closed toe, open toe, and sandal styles.

 Silver flats.

Silver Flats

Metallic adds zing to any outfit, especially for a wedding! These silver flats are comfortable as well. 

 Shoes with rhinestones, crystals, sequins, etc.

Rhinestone and Sequin Shoes

If you are looking for sparkly shoes to add flash to your bridal or bridesmaid's ensemble, these shoes are for you.

 Red dress and wedding shoes.

Red Shoes

Especially popular for holiday or Valentines Day weddings, red adds flare to any gown.  

 Purple dress and wedding shoes.

Purple Shoes

Do you simply adore purple? Then it is the perfect color to "pop" under your wedding dress.

 Clear wedding and dress shoes.

Clear Shoes

Would you prefer colorless shoes to better show off your feet or shoe decorations? Go here to find many more styles than you can find locally.

 Dyeable wedding shoes.

Dyeable Satin Bridal and Bridesmaids Shoes

Did you know some white satin shoes are dyeable and others are not? Browse here for a selection from all dyeable brands.  

 Blue wedding and dress shoes.

Blue Wedding Shoes

These stylish shoes make the perfect "something blue" on your wedding day.

 Pink prom and wedding shoes.

Fancy Pink Shoes

If you simply ADORE pink, this is the page for you. I've also added blush pink styles, to dove tail with the current trend.

 Black dress and wedding shoes.

Black Shoes

Black shoes can work for any woman in the bridal party as well as the guests. For that reason you can find many wedding-appropriate choices here.

 Red flats.

Red Flats

Red has become very popular as a "neutral" and a winter wedding color. These flats are wearable well after the wedding!

 Wedding flip flops.

Wedding Flip Flops

Find several personalized flip flop styles, for a beach wedding, as gifts, or for dancing.

 Learn the nuances of walking in higher heels than you are used to.

Walking in Heels Part 2: The Nuances

How to glide through your wedding day without a trip or fall.

 Walking in Heels, Part 1

How to Walk in Heels, Part 1

Higher-than-normal shoes make your legs and feet look drop-dead gorgeous. If you are nervous about walking in them, this will tell you how to get the feel for your shoes.

 How to Break in Your Wedding Shoes

How to Break in Your Wedding Shoes

Tips for making sure your feet are comfortable in your shoes all day and evening long.

Wedding Shoe Traditions

Wedding Shoe History

A look at a few of the old wedding traditions involving wedding shoes, plus a take on today's shoe fashion.

 Tips for choosing wedding shoes.

Tips for Choosing Wedding Shoes

There are so many more shoe fashions today than only a few years ago. Here are some tips and ideas to help you decide on your favorites. 

 Wide width black shoes.

Black Wide Width Dress Shoes

If you have a wide foot, you will find a better variety shopping online. Take a look at these from our partners.

 Platform heels, from barely noticeable to super high.

Platform Heels

Platforms are not only stylish, they also add height to the bride or bridesmaids who want to stand from 1/2" to 4" taller. Find a broad selection here.

 Black and white shoes.

Black and White Dress Shoes

Black and white shoes are especially difficult to find. Shop a selection from our partners here. 




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